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I am a tech guy working on Embedded Systems and Networking Software in a company called Mistral Software Pvt. Ltd., located in Bangalore. Prior to this, I worked as a Scientist at an R&D organization under the Government of India. I hold a B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) degree in Computer Science and Engineering. My father is a Professor in the Indian state of Gujarat, while my mom is a house wife (she too was a lecturer in some past era, but had to quit in order to devote time to us kids.) I've got a younger brother and he too is a Software Professional.

I love programming and algorithm development, especially using C/C++ on a UNIX environment. I work primarily in the field of Networking Software, and have done some interesting commercial and academic projects in this field in recent times. The coding for the UNIX environment can get gory especially when you need a high performance solution, but it gives you a sort of kick.

On the personal front, I am a calm and quiet guy (err, if you hear the opposite of this from some of my friends, remember they are pulling your leg :-) ) I have varied interests, as given below. Additionally, I am also a bit into religious activity, though I prefer to stick to the basics and not get into any ritualistic stuff.

My attitude towards life is to plan my life depending upon my priorities, and then to do my best to achieve my planned goals. Once I am satisfied that I have worked as hard and as smart as possible for something, I don't care about the results. (Its a different matter that I often don't work hard enough :-) ) But its a good attitude that carries you through tough times- I say this from recent personal experience.